With Some Duct Tape Here…and a Little Glue There…It’s Coming Together

Why This Page?

The facebook groups I have created are great for keeping in touch with family and for targeted information geared toward that select group.  I do research for several family lines and wanted to be able to have a place to post information that might not fit into one of those groups.  I also hope that by not limiting myself to the face book audience I might make connections I might not otherwise make to people who don’t use social media.  I will still do face book group posts; they might just be shares from the blog in the future.

What’s New?

It’s only been a few days and the Dusty Roots and Forgotten Treasures page is up and running smoothly and more and more content is being added every day.  I have added lineage lists for each branch of my family (currently it’s only direct ancestors), created a page for my kids/in-laws family with their lineage to include a Jacobs/Sindle page, added a photo gallery page, started work on a notable relations page and also a handy list of research sites I use while doing research.   I am steady working to make the page better.

What’s next?

  • Continued improvements to the information on the page
  • More blog posts about the different people or topics I come across in my research. My goal is a minimum of one original post per day
  • Research Tips, any useful sites I find, reviews of software I use
  • More photos and Improvements to the photo gallery such as labeling photos

What would you like to see?

Currently my issue is there are not enough hours in a day to add all the stuff I want to see on the page while learning the basics of how to work the website.  Be patient with me as I continue to add content and check back often to keep updated on changes.

Everything listed on this site is what I believe to be true at this time due to research results.  I do not claim to be error free.  Some of the lines I research have been diligently worked for years; others I have barely scrape the surface.  If something posted appears incorrect I welcome feedback.  I am constantly looking to improve the quality of information I share.

I’m constantly researching and I am looking for topics to blog about.  Have an ancestor or genealogy topic that you would like to see as a future blog?  Contact me and I will try to cover the topic. 

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