Do you need great images? Here is the solution!

FTC Technicalities: I did receive compensation to promote this product. iClipart was generous enough to provide me with opportunity to review their product and share it with you but the opinions and thoughts here are my own.

I am a genealogist.

I wear many hats in life but at my core I am a genealogist and I would rather be alone somewhere doing research than most other activities. My family understands this and they tolerate and even indulge my quirks. I often apologize to my family because I’d rather be researching. With a half hearted explanation, I inform them I will like them better when they are dead too…

Blogging has given me a great way to share my genealogy research and the tricks and tips I learn along the way. I can focus on writing my blogs because it is just another step in my genealogy research. There a million minor details that go into writing any blog post and those get me. I’d rather slam my finger in the door than study Google Analytics, spend hours crafting the perfect headline, or pour over millions of graphics looking for that perfect image to make a blog post pop. All these things are sadly details that shape a great blog. The devil is in the details and I am not a fan of some of those details.

Graphics made easy with

Anytime I can find something that makes those more mundane tasks easier to slog through, I am a fan. Enter A lot of times in genealogy blog posts, a related image just doesn’t exist. Blogging 101 tells everyone that a great blog post includes at least one image. Humans are visual creatures. If you poke around long enough, you can find images in the public commons, but finding quality images in some of those platforms can be a chore. is a budget friendly option that can put millions of useful quality images at your fingertips.

I typed in a few keywords relevant to genealogy and the site left me amazed and excited. Suddenly, I don’t search for a suitable image for hours. I am now trying to decide between a group of great options. The site has so many great options that I am saving some of them just so I can write a blog post to use the great image!

Great Vintage Photos

This is the first image I had to grab. The instant I spotted this one I just knew it had to be on my blog. I am not sure what blog title it conjures just yet but I love this image.

Victorian era girl covering mouth
Great image from

I am a genealogist at my core. I am a writer by default. I am not a photographer or graphics designer. I will admit my limitations so I can focus on my strengths. I love that takes most of that need out of the equation.

Family Tree Templates

Here are two of their family tree images. I can see these being a great addition to any family research project.

tree image Graphic
tree image Graphic

The folks at also shared an exclusive deal for readers of Dusty Roots and Forgotten Treasures.

BABYDOLLSPLAYGROUNDY5CZ Promo Code 20% off all one year subscriptions

Look for the latest deals at Dealspotr

I wish I had found this site sooner! If you need great images to give your blog or project a finished look check out

  3 comments for “Do you need great images? Here is the solution!

  1. Amy
    November 26, 2019 at 8:10 am

    Thanks for the tip!

    Liked by 1 person

    • November 26, 2019 at 8:15 am

      I have been really impressed with the selection they have. So impressed I still wound up wasting hours of time because I was scrolling through images lol. I think I missed my own point about saving time.

      Liked by 1 person

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