Jacobs/Sindle Information

Generation 1

  1. Retained for Privacy


Generation 2

  1. Clyde Sindle: born 27 Oct 1903 in Ohio; died 29 Mar 1973 in Shepherd, Isabella, Michigan, United States of America.
  1. Cora Bell Jacobs: born 23 Feb 1929 in Michigan; died 11 Nov 1992 in Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada.



Melvin Jacobs

Generation 3

  1. John Sindle: born 1852 in Ohio; married 1894.
  1. Sarah C Worthington: born 1864 in Ohio.
  1. Melvin Jacobs: born 9 Nov 1905 in Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan, USA; married 8 Mar 1924 in Midland, Midland, Michigan, USA; died 20 Sep 1957 in Mount Pleasant, Isabella, Michigan Am.
  1. Bessie D Lalone: born 9 Jan 1909 in Midland, Michigan.


Generation 4

  1. G Sindle: born 1810 in Württemberg Germany; died 1870 in Defiance County, Ohio, USA.
  1. Mary : born 1820 in Saxony; died 23 Feb 1899.
  1. Samuel Worthington: born 1831 in Ohio.
  1. Mary Ann : born 1826 in Ohio.
  1. Frank Jacobs: born 22 Dec 1857 in Hartland, Livingston, Michigan, USA; died 19 Feb 1931 in Midland City, , Michigan, USA.
  1. Emma Young: born 24 Aug 1871 in Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA; died 13 Oct 1932 in Midland City, , Michigan, USA.
  1. Gilbert Lalone: born Apr 1865 in Michigan; married 1888 in Merrill, Midland, Michigan, USA.
  1. Kate Clement: born 4 Aug 1873 in New York; died 12 Apr 1944 in Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan, USA.


Generation 5

  1. Lyman Jacobs: born 13 Sep 1826 in , , New York, USA; married 24 Sep 1854 in Hartland, Livingston, Michigan, USA; died 28 Dec 1878 in Hartland, Livingston, Michigan, USA.
  1. Sarah Weaver: born 1836 in , , Michigan, USA.
  1. Horace Young: born 9 Jul 1843 in New York; died 7 Sep 1913 in St. Johns, Clinton, Michigan.
  1. Emeline Wooster: born 1856 in Massachusetts; died 7 Jun 1933 in Michigan.
  1. Andrew Lalone: born Oct 1817 in Canada; married 1839.
  1. Mary Rose : born Sep 1818 in Canada.
  1. Samuel Clement: born abt 1831 in New York.
  1. Charlotte Lottie Conrad: born abt 1838 in New York.


Generation 6

  1. William Jacobs: born 1796 in , , Vermont, USA; married 1826 in , , New York, USA; died 1 Jan 1852 in Genoa, Livingston, Michigan, USA.
  1. Mary Placeway: born 1 May 1800 in Plymouth, Windsor, Vermont, USA; died 1878 in Genoa, Livingston, Michigan, USA.
  2. Chauncy Weaver.
  3. Barbara.
  4. Chester Young.
  5. Hattie Ivey.
  6. John Wooster.


Generation 7

  1. William Placeway: born 1772 in Liverpool, Queens, Nova Scotia, Canada; married 19 May 1791 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA; died 20 Sep 1818 in Dover, Dutchess, New York, USA.
  1. Mercy Robbins: born 1773 in Hanover, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; died 24 Apr 1857 in Hamburg, Livingston, Michigan, USA.


Generation 8

  1. Nathaniel Robbins: born 11 Oct 1747 in Ispwich, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; married 10 Jan 1770 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; died in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.
  1. Mary Boynton: born 16 Aug 1751 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; died in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.


Generation 9

  1. Enoch Boynton: born 28 Nov 1727 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; died 1 Mar 1805 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.
  1. Rachel Foster: born 1727 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; died 1784 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.

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