Weatherspoon and Related Families

Paternal Grandfather

Generation 1

1. Jay D Fulkerson: born Feb. 11, 1929 in Arkansas; died May 11, 1976 in Flint, Genesee, Michigan.

Generation 2

2. Willie D. Baker: born 1902 in Tennessee; married Sep. 24, 1926 in Arkansas, United States; died 1950 in Arkansas, United States.

3. Lily Mae Weatherspoon: born Jan. 22, 1912 in Missouri; died Nov. 5, 1999 in Michigan, USA.

Generation 3

4. James D Baker: born Nov. 25, 1874 in Tennessee; married Feb. 6, 1896 in Crockett, Tennessee, USA; died Oct. 29, 1915 in Green, Arkansas.

5. Viola Morgan: born Feb. 16, 1878 in Tennessee; died Feb. 15, 1916 in Arkansas, USA.

6. Willie Thomas Weatherspoon: born Mar. 12, 1883 in Missouri; married Dec. 24, 1907 in Ripley, Missouri, USA; died Jul. 24, 1927 in Mississippi, Arkansas.

7. Fannie Bennett: born Dec. 29, 1893 in Missouri; died Dec. 29, 1982 in Flint, Genesee, Michigan.

Generation 4

8. Joseph H Baker: born Dec. 27, 1851 in Tennessee; died Jul. 28, 1932 in Sevier County, Tennessee.

9. Elizabeth Baker: born abt 1853 in Georgia.

10. W.B. Morgan: born abt 1855 in Mississippi.

11. Elizabeth : born abt 1857 in Arkansas.

12. James Polk Weatherspoon: born Apr. 17, 1846 in Hickman County, Tennessee, USA; died 1919 in Bennett, Ripley County, Missouri, USA.

13. Mary Frances Dawson: born 1849 in Tennesee; died bet 1883 and 1890 in Missouri.

14. William Bennett: born Dec. 1821 in Tennessee; married 1876; died btw 1900 – 1910 in Missouri, USA.

15. Celia Louisia Beakley: born abt 1858 in Franklin County, Tennessee, USA; died 1936.

Generation 5

16. William Baker: born Apr. 1, 1829; buried in Sevierville, Sevier County, Tennessee, USA.

17. Nancy M Huff: born Feb. 27, 1825; died Aug. 31, 1899.

20. Morgan: born in South Carolina, USA.

24. Calvin Weatherspoon: born abt 1821 in Wake, North Carolina, United States; married 1844 in Scott, Tennessee, United States; died Feb. 16, 1886 in Hickman, Tennessee, United States.

25. Margaret Elizabeth Brown: born 1825 in Tennessee; died 1850 in Hickman, Tennessee, United States.

26. Martin P Dawson: born abt 1818 in Tennessee; married Sep. 30, 1835 in Williamson Co., Tennessee; died aft 1860 in Tennessee.

27. Jane Fields: born abt 1817 in Virginia; died aft 1860.

28. Drury Bennett: born Feb. 4, 1788 in North Carolina; married Dec. 10, 1811 in Williamson, Tennessee, USA; died 1874.

29. Elizabeth Manier: born Mar. 27, 1789 in Granville County, North Carolina, USA; died 1876 in Tennessee, USA.

30. James Wesley Beakley: born Dec. 12, 1827 in Tennessee; married 1849 in Hickman Co., Tennessee, USA; died Feb. 12, 1908 in Doniphan, Ripley Co., Missouri, USA.

31. Rebecca Wade: born 1831 in Tennessee, USA; died 1871 in Decatur Co., Tennessee, USA.

Generation 6

48. Willis W. Weatherspoon: born 1791 in Cedar Creek, Wake, North Carolina, United States; married Nov. 16, 1813 in Wake, North Carolina, USA; died 1850 in Tennessee, United States.

49. Sarah “Sallie” Beavers: born 1790 in Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina, United States; died 1880 in Hickman, Tennessee, United States.

50. Brown.

52. Hudson H. DAWSON: born abt 1787 in Albermarle Parish, Sussex, Virginia; married Nov. 22, 1806 in Amherst County, Virginia; died aft 1870 in Maury County, Tennessee.

53. Martha Patsey Henley: born abt 1795 in Virginia; buried in Santa Fe, Maury County, Tennessee, USA.

54. Andrew FIELD: born Jul. 1, 1785 in Loudoun Co., Virginia; married Mar. 27, 1808 in Bedford Co., Virginia; died 1853 in Williamson Co., Tennessee.

55. Frances “Franky” HOLLAND: born abt 1787 in Virginia.

58. John William Manire: born Sep. 20, 1763 in USA; died Mar. 4, 1844 in Marshall County, Tennessee, USA.

59. Patty Manire: born Aug. 15, 1767 in Granville County, North Carolina, USA; died 1842 in Williamson County, Tennessee, USA.

60. William Wright Beakley Jr: born 1785 in Scott County, Virginia, USA; married 1820 in Hickman County, Tennessee, USA; died May 4, 1849 in Hickman County, Tennessee, USA.

61. Celia Berry: born 1795 in North Carolina; died 1850 in Tennesee.

62. Robert Wade: born 1801 in Virginia; died Mar. 1, 1886 in Hickman County, Tennessee, USA.

63. Frances Bearden: born 1804 in Tennessee; died Aug. 23, 1878 in Hickman County, Tennessee, USA.

Generation 7

96. William Weatherspoon Jr: born Feb. 6, 1758 in , Wake, North Carolina, USA; married 1790 in North Carolina, USA; died Sep. 6, 1833 in Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina, USA.

97. Mary Kirkum Kirkman: born 1769 in , , North Carolina, USA; died 1820 in , Wake, North Carolina, USA.

98. THOMAS BEAVERS: born 1768 in North Carolina; married Feb. 12, 1798 in Loudon County, Virginia, United States; died Oct. 11, 1844 in Highland City, Highland, Ohio, United States.

99. SARAH SPENCER: born 1784 in Loudoun, Virginia, United States; died 1884 in Highland City, Highland, Ohio, United States.

104. Martin Dawson: born abt 1760; died in Tennessee.

120. William Wright Beakley: born 1741 in Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England; died 1799 in Sumner County, Tennessee, USA.

121. Nancy Mku: born 1755 in Virgina, USA; died 1795 in Hopkinsville, Christian, Kentucky, United States.

122. Berry.


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